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Hi, my name is Janessa but you can call me Jan, a term of endearment pegged by my insta friends. I am newly turned 40, a wife, mom of 3, & even a Nana to 1.5 boys!

The following is not about/define me. I debated on including it in this blog, but it’s important to who I am today & what lead me here to this blog: I am disabled with a second impact mild traumatic brain injury (TBI)  that has been many things, but mild. The journey to healing produced a whole new set of health problems not easy to sort out. With an alarming set of test results and a misdiagnosis in hand, my case was handed over to a team of specialists at a hospital here in Denver. Working together did indeed lead them to an autoimmune dysfunction condition that is more rare than the original diagnosis. After two plus years of turmoil, the medical focus currently is to step back & work on treating the symptoms to improve my quality of life. Eventually we will seek more options when we are able to travel to a Mayo Clinic that specializes in my autonomic disorder. Seeking respite has led me to document my journey and its effect on my mind (my brain) body (in & out) and spirit.