Benton Cacao Moist and Mild Toner

Benton was kind enough to send this product as a PR gift for review purposes at no cost to me. I did not receive nor accept monetary compensation for my thoughts. My review is my unique findings and all product(s) are tested by me. I want to thank Benton for the opportunity to review their products.

Benton has recently released some great products & I appreciate their organized selection for the review panel I participated in. They’ve been a joy to work with and I am happy to recommend them to my audience, friends & family.

Cacao Moist and Mild Toner Review
A good sized bottle of 150 mls. Beautiful, simple but pretty pink packaging.

Among the toner there is a cream & serum in this line. I’m truly intrigued by the featured star ingredient. Cacao Extracts are packed with antioxidants which aid in protecting the skin from oxidative damage. My Vit C serum packs the most punch, but as someone who deals with sun sensitivity, I welcome them anywhere in my routine. Ingredients: here

With summer in full swing, I am all about light layers! This toner is perfect for feeding thirsty skin in a 4, 5, or #7SkinMethod fashion, custom to your skin needs. The watery toner is free from artificial scent, color, or alcohol making this a great option for those with sensitive skin. The watery toner absorbs instantly leaving behind only hydrated skin without stickiness or piling with other layers. I especially love this toner when chilled & keep a small amount decanted for a quick boost of hydration while cooling my frequently red skin.

Again, I love the use of Cacao extract, but this toner also features other wonderful ingredients. Skin loving extracts that are soothing, hydrating, & even a bit of clarifying. This makes it a great option to aid in water/oil balance of the skin. I think this toner is a great product for a variety of skin types, but a true star for those with oily skin while providing some benefit to sensitive or dehydrated skin.

I like that this toner delivers quality ingredients at an affordable price point that is easily accessible to its customers. Benton has an Ebay shop here, & it looks as though Amazon is carrying quite a few Benton products including the Cacao cream. I imagine they will have the toner soon.

Another huge thank you to Benton for providing this great toner. I look forward to what else they have in store.

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