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Hello! I hope this post finds you well.  I am so happy to see Lgh (Leegeehaam) bring out an exciting new line and some much needed refreshing of old favorites!  I have a lineup of a few new Lgh goodies to review, and share with you soon.  But first,

these sheet masks were among the amazing review package and I’m eager to share my thoughts with you now. *Please note: these products were sent at no cost to me in exchange for my review. 

The Lgh (Leegeehaam) Master Wannabe Fit Masks are available in: 






This mask features tea tree, centella and is intended to soothe and hydrate while providing strength to the skin barrier. Ingredients

Features the mask favorite in hyaluronic acid and is intended to moisturize giving care to the skin barrier. Ingredients

A honey mask that features propolis promising energy boosting hydration and sooth the moisture barrier. Ingredients





Mask Material/Fit: 

All three masks are made from Cupra (which I have not read up on fully, and finding only limited information). The material is thin, soft and carries a bit of weight, giving it a suction like application. The way it adheres nicely to the skin reminds me a bit of bio cellulose masks, but much, thinner. The masks all wore comfortably for just under an hour without sliding (even when I chose to move around).


The masks open up to an abundance of watery essence that carry just enough viscosity to slather everywhere without a dripping mess and still some left to spare!  The scent is minimal and only reminiscent of the derived natural ingredients, they carry, not added fragrance. 

and lastly, 


The Lgh masks hold a great lineup of skin friendly plants and extracts, but I really appreciate the extra attention given to the star ingredient(s) of each mask. Each mask features the ingredient in amounts that carry optimal results and carries this information over to the packaging. The results were only slightly unique from each other. They all delivered intense nourishment without being heavy or pilling, leaving the skin with a healthy glow.  A few notes on each. 

  • Green 

Reduced some redness leaving my skin calm and pores less visible.

  • Aqua 

Nourished my skin and left it plump and radiant.

  • Honey 

Very light honey scent, left me glowy well into the next day.

I really enjoyed these masks! Though each one delivered similar results the core and material of these set them aside and make them worth trying. Unfortunately, In the late hours of posting this, I am unable to find a trusted vendor that carry these masks. There are some great sites who carry this brand but not these masks specifically.   I will update this information as it becomes available.

P.S. I published this with a horrible editing in the late night so please excuse the many, many typos and unfinished work. I have updated my review.

A huge thank you to the Leegeehaam for gifting these masks in exchange for my review I really enjoy them. Please look out for my review of a few goodies from their Cica line very soon!

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