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I have had this review in the works for a few months. I am happy to have an opportunity to invest some extra time, and share a comprehensive review on this amazing indie brand with all of you. Please let me know if you have questions or what you think about the review. Much love, Jan xoxo

Luminate Beauty  is an indie skincare brand based out of the US in California. They are all natural, vegan, and cruelty free. Their dedication to provide their environmentally conscious customers with all natural products at an affordable price, without sacrificing quality, is admirable and the basis of my acceptance to test and review their products.

Note** these products were provided at no cost to me in exchange for my review.


Luminate Beauty kindly sent over a beautiful package that included three products for my review and testing.

listed below

         A hydrating toner that is gentle enough to use daily. It promises to rebalance skin, soothe, & function even as a gentle makeup remover.

A Vitamin C serum formulated with SAP (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate). Promises to reduce the look of blemishes, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles with just one bottle (quoted directly from their site). The serum boasts a powerful antioxidant formula that is gentle enough for twice daily use.

A lightweight, unscented cream with a blend of Hyaluronic Acid & Kojic Acid. This formulation aims to soothe irritation and calm blemishes resulting in radiant skin.


I received the beautiful gift package for review in early November and I feel like I’ve had ample time to form my thoughts on each. The timing of this package and simple ingredients allowed me to stagger each one and rotate them into my routine right away.

Product Reviews:

Rose Water Toner


I am a sucker for rose, so rotating this in first was an easy choice. I played around with this toner for a few days before finally settling on its location in my routine. The viscosity of the product surprised me. It’s not the 7 skin method, water bomb toner I’ve become acclimated to. The light rose scent and syrupy texture are formulated from the short simple ingredients here  making this an enjoyable step in my routine. The hybrid concoction including real rose petals are housed in a heavy, frosted glass bottle that is really very beautiful. The sturdy double wall acrylic twist cap encases a typical spout intended to splash out a watery toner. The plastic spout posed a problem for this glutinous product, making it difficult to dispense a proper amount of toner. I ultimately removed the plastic spout making dispensing much easier, but as you can see too easy.  Though this toner is not watery as I would have expected it was a joy to use with these minor adjustments. Once this product warms up on the skin it soaks in quickly, plumping up my skin and creating the optimal canvas for the rest of my routine. As someone who struggles with frequent redness, the soothing this provides is the star performer of this product. I enjoy applying this to pull apart muji cotton and using as a quick soothing mask treatment. I think this toner offers something for a variety of skin types, but a star performer in soothing dry sensitive skin types.


Vit C Lighten up Serum

I have had a solid year + of consistent Vit C in my base routine with great results. I was excited to see this in my review package as I’ve been wanting to venture out to try more. But, that also means the product has to be pretty stellar to compete. I rotated this in my actives steps, putting aside my current Vit C for several weeks.

*Some details on Vitamin C

  • L-ascorbic Acid L-AA is the most potent form of Vit C and a powerful antioxidant. LAA helps to strengthen skin, lighten/brighten for a more even skin tone, & paired with your daily sunscreen provides you with optimal photo protection. However, it requires special handling & is ph dependent often making formulations unstable.
  • Sodium Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate or SAP is a vitamin C derivative and has promising studies with similar benefits, formula stability, bioavailability & even possibly delivering the same results. Unfortunately, studies are lacking & information is limited. Luminate’s Vit C serum is formulated with SAP.

Luminate’s Formulation:


  • The Vitamin C  has 20% SAP with my ph test being around 6- 6.25.
  • Luminate maintains there high standards in this serum which is supported by their simple but effective ingredient promise.  Taken directly from Luminate’s website: “reduce the look of spots, blemishes and discoloration with the synergistic effects of 20% Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid and L-Arginine. Also with Hyaluronic Acid to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and the cleansing and healing properties of Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel – say hello to more radiant looking skin

The serum comes in a 30 ml/1 oz dark dropper bottle that is simple & convenient for the contents it holds. The instructions state to shake well before each use. This is important due to the texture, I’ve figured that out by trial and error. The serum is a clear gelatinous fluid that you see here. The fluid does sit a top the skin for some time. (more on that in the video) Though this formulation is not ph dependent, I continued with the wait time for optimal absorption & steered clear of pilling (which it does without). The serum has no scent which I can see of huge benefit for those sensitive to Vit C scent (no hints of hot dogs/bologna here), LOL


As mentioned, I used this in place of my LAA vitamin C step for several weeks (six). I found this plenty of time to determine results or changes in my skin. I really like this serum but not enough to give up my current Vit C. The texture was tricky and the serum did pill depending on layers I had on. It really needs sufficient time to absorb or you’ll be left with a sticky, frustrating pilling mess. My skin is dry & I’m hesitant to say this would work for more oily skin types due to absorption. I do appreciate how gentle this is, which is a benefit noted for SAP as the side effects are little to none. I think that this would serve as an excellent choice for dry sensitive skin types looking for an all natural/organic brand & don’t want the fuss of an LAA formulation. Plus it’s really affordable while serving a small indie business.

and Lastly,

Luminate Hydrating Fresh Cream

This cream surprised me initially. Upon first glance this cream seemed pretty standard & I was just kind of indifferent about it.  The ingredients however did spike my interest here

The simple list of ingredients & commitment to bring forth only the best I’m still optimistic despite the basic forefront.  With my attention piqued from the soothing & brightening potential  of 

Gotu Kola (centella asiatica), Vit C & kojic acid. I wasn’t disappointed. A quick glance of the cream & how easy it spreads couldn’t do it justice. I really enjoyed this aspect of the product.

Housed in a sturdy glass jar of 50 ml., the cream is nearly unscented & only created by the natural state of the ingredients.  The texture is what really stands out as it’s buttery and slides onto the skin like satin. It leaves behind a thin layer of watery droplets that disappear with a moisture seal trapping all of your precious skin care and natural oils. This cream delivers nourishment in a way all skin types would benefit from. I think oily combination skin would find this an excellent night cream & because it leaves such a nice finish, possibly even during the day for drier seasons & or environments. For my dry dehydrated skin I enjoy the versatility of this cream for day & night use. Daytime use gives my skin lasting moisture and a great canvas for makeup without being overly rich. At night it layers well with all other skin steps, sealing in all the moisture and traps any water loss protecting me from harsh, dry air in the colder months. I also just really enjoy how elegant and buttery soft it is & find myself reaching for it often. This product really has a little something for everyone and is luxurious without the luxury price.. I would happily recommend not only the cream but Luminate as a brand to friends and family. 

A huge thank you to Luminate Beauty for sending over these beautiful products to test & review. I appreciate your time & entrusting me to review the hard work behind your product. I really enjoyed everything & am looking forward to continuing to use them. 

*Please note these items were gifted by the brand at no cost to me for reviewing purposes only. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review or testing.






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