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***Disclosure: This mask was provided at no cost to me, in exchange for my review***

In the beginning of my skin care journey, you would find me in a sheet mask more often that not. My quest for healthy skin began with a horribly damaged moisture barrier and I needed layers upon layers as I worked through my skin goals. Sheet masking did all this and more. These days my skin is calm, but I’m left with the ravages of acne scarring that get better month by month. These days you will find me doing much of the same, but with targeted treatments and with more variety of masks not just sheet masks. I have a handful of sheet masks that have wowed me this year, which for me is not a lot. I saw this mask on the amazing @snails4eva insta and was instantly intrigued by her thoughtful review  and curious about its claims. That being said, the opportunity to review this mask was an easy venture.

Brand & Ingredients

Part of what intrigued me about this sheet mask is the brand. This is my first time using any of their products, but after a quick read of their site here, you’ll see why it sparked my interest. Lisse is an eco friendly, cruelty free, brand that prides themselves on producing cutting edge technology, utilizing their patented AHHS. AHHS aka Active, Hydrogen, and Hydroxyl ion formation System, is said to be the base & essence of their cosmetic line delivering the fountain of youth with real hydrogen water. I’m not an expert, but that’s a pretty tall order. Aside from their patented AHHS, the ingredients supporting the formula are filled with plentiful skin loving extracts, ferments, hydration booster with sodium hyaluronate, and soothing star allantoin. The mask does include alcohol early in the ingredients for those sensitive. Again, I’m not an expert, but the inclusion seems to be supported by ingredients known to be penetration enhancers. I will link the brand ingredients information & use of hydrogen here

Mask material & fit

Intense serial killer “look”
Comfy straps are a rarity

I love sheet masking, but as previously mentioned, I’ve been more mindful about my choices these past several months. As I am nearing 40 in a few days, I like that this was a treatment of sorts. The mask has a sturdy but soft material. This extends to the neck area cradling it comfortably. I’m not a big fan of ear straps, but this was comfortable and designed without pressing on any sensitive areas.

Essence & results

Preparing for that smooth finish

The essence has a slight, fresh type scent that is barely noticeable during application. The essence is light, but with a slight viscosity of a serum. The mask wore comfortably for about an hour, leaving my skin dewy and refreshed. My initial observations revealed calm, hydrated, balanced skin coupled with a bright radiance that I’ve only experienced with top quality masks.

Final thoughts

Upon further inspection the essence dried down to a lovely satin finish, making this mask truly special and exceeding my expectations. This smooth canvas would have made a perfect base for makeup, but I suspect the glow wouldn’t warrant much. This glow maker also sticks around for a few days,which is a huge bonus instantly making this a staple for a special occasion, dull skin, and or just some extra pampering. A wonderful at home treatment, with spa like results. I now have a new addition to my yearly favorites.

Where to buy

The results of this special treatment mask make the extra cost worth my money. 

You can find these in a pack of 5 for around $35.00 usd are easily sourced in the USA



There is a US site for Lisse here

*I am assuming they could direct or accommodate international customers.



One thought on “Lisse Real Hydrogen Rejuvenate Mask

  1. Whoa, high praises being sung for this mask! It looks like a really great, comfortable fit! I’ve never heard of this brand before. Looks super interesting and great for at home spa days. I’ve actually never really used a mask that has effects last more than a day. Do they have one ‘flavour’, or more?

    Awesome review! ^^

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