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Lisse Real Hydrogen Rejuvenate Mask

***Disclosure: This mask was provided at no cost to me, in exchange for my review***

In the beginning of my skin care journey, you would find me in a sheet mask more often that not. My quest for healthy skin began with a horribly damaged moisture barrier and I needed layers upon layers as I worked through my skin goals. Sheet masking did all this and more. These days my skin is calm, but I’m left with the ravages of acne scarring that get better month by month. These days you will find me doing much of the same, but with targeted treatments and with more variety of masks not just sheet masks. I have a handful of sheet masks that have wowed me this year, which for me is not a lot. I saw this mask on the amazing @snails4eva insta and was instantly intrigued by her thoughtful review  and curious about its claims. That being said, the opportunity to review this mask was an easy venture.

Brand & Ingredients

Part of what intrigued me about this sheet mask is the brand. This is my first time using any of their products, but after a quick read of their site here, you’ll see why it sparked my interest. Lisse is an eco friendly, cruelty free, brand that prides themselves on producing cutting edge technology, utilizing their patented AHHS. AHHS aka Active, Hydrogen, and Hydroxyl ion formation System, is said to be the base & essence of their cosmetic line delivering the fountain of youth with real hydrogen water. I’m not an expert, but that’s a pretty tall order. Aside from their patented AHHS, the ingredients supporting the formula are filled with plentiful skin loving extracts, ferments, hydration booster with sodium hyaluronate, and soothing star allantoin. The mask does include alcohol early in the ingredients for those sensitive. Again, I’m not an expert, but the inclusion seems to be supported by ingredients known to be penetration enhancers. I will link the brand ingredients information & use of hydrogen here

Mask material & fit

Intense serial killer “look”
Comfy straps are a rarity

I love sheet masking, but as previously mentioned, I’ve been more mindful about my choices these past several months. As I am nearing 40 in a few days, I like that this was a treatment of sorts. The mask has a sturdy but soft material. This extends to the neck area cradling it comfortably. I’m not a big fan of ear straps, but this was comfortable and designed without pressing on any sensitive areas.

Essence & results

Preparing for that smooth finish

The essence has a slight, fresh type scent that is barely noticeable during application. The essence is light, but with a slight viscosity of a serum. The mask wore comfortably for about an hour, leaving my skin dewy and refreshed. My initial observations revealed calm, hydrated, balanced skin coupled with a bright radiance that I’ve only experienced with top quality masks.

Final thoughts

Upon further inspection the essence dried down to a lovely satin finish, making this mask truly special and exceeding my expectations. This smooth canvas would have made a perfect base for makeup, but I suspect the glow wouldn’t warrant much. This glow maker also sticks around for a few days,which is a huge bonus instantly making this a staple for a special occasion, dull skin, and or just some extra pampering. A wonderful at home treatment, with spa like results. I now have a new addition to my yearly favorites.

Where to buy

The results of this special treatment mask make the extra cost worth my money. 

You can find these in a pack of 5 for around $35.00 usd are easily sourced in the USA



There is a US site for Lisse here

*I am assuming they could direct or accommodate international customers.



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MYB Pampering Session with Shangpree

Shangpree is a luxury spa located in Seoul, Korea offering only the best facial treatments, using only the best products, and performed only by the most knowledgeable Estheticians who have gone through a rigorous, customized training. To visit here would be the ultimate in skincare luxury that I hope to experience one day. For now, reading and living vicariously through the wonderful Katherine over at Skin Full of Seoul will have to suffice. She has a must read blog post about her visit and experience with Shangpree & their spa services here.  

Until I am able to experience this little piece of heaven, the opportunity given me to test and review their products has been nothing short of amazing. During our email interaction, Cassy with Shangpree, was warm and informative and despite the emotional disconnect of the internet you could detect the admiration and pride she has for Shangpree. The moment the package arrived I was giddy with excitement and with the patience of a toddler, I tore into the box, revealing much more than just the items we spoke about. Each item was wrapped with care and attention. The expertly selected products included a box of their signature gold modeling masks, cream/sleeping mask, brightening ampoules, headband with Shangpree embroidered in gold lettering, the prettiest PINK hand mirror, and copious amounts of samples, along with a sweet note.

Over the last few months I have tested all of these products and have given them more than enough time to provide a thorough, detailed review. My main focus of this review will be on the

Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask

My modeling mask skills or lack thereof:

I was kindly sent a pack of five masks, I’ve used three so far and feel like this was sufficient to get a good feel for the product and to share my thoughts. My previous experience with modeling masks have been dismal, most ended in a mess and not worth the extra fuss for minimal results. The powder kind that come in a tub where you add your own liquid are frustrating. These always have a short window of time to get the texture just right and applied to your face before it starts to congeal, leaving dry patches while other areas are a dripping mess.  My observation of these lackluster powders is they are poorly packaged, containing minimal active, fresh ingredients that you further dilute with water or toner leaving you with a mixture that varies depending on water quality, environment, user error, and so on. Not fun, and most certainly not my idea of luxurious pampering.  That said, I have tried a few that were pretty good, one of which is very similar to the Shangpree. With my past experiences in mind this was going to be interesting,

Preparation for a pampering session:

If you follow my Instagram @MindYourBeauty you may be familiar with my weekly Sunday pampering sessions (you can explore the hashtag: #MYBPamperingSunday). Putting focus on a weekly self care session (no matter how small or big) allows me to relax and center my often over stimulated injured brain to process the upcoming week’s happenings. I often plan my pampering sessions with a combination of a few of my favorite things like masks I’m hoarding, a luxury brand mini, some sort of tea or flavored water, and a hot bath. I’ve only been impressed by a few modeling masks and though I enjoyed the results, I wouldn’t necessarily reach for one to pamper myself with. Until now. The Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask has been on my wishlist for quite some time and if slathering your face in gold doesn’t scream luxury, I don’t know what does.

Ingredient line up:

Shangpree doesn’t take any shortcuts and the ingredient line up for these products are no exception. I love the use of only the best tried and true, backed by science, moisture building essentials and the skin loving extracts.  I am linking the ingredient lists from ingredient site CosDna. Note: I take the data from this website with a grain of salt, and though it’s a wealth of information the safety and comedogenic ratings are not up to date nor backed by any research that I’m aware of.  for your reference

Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Rubber Mask

Active Collagen Powder

As easy as 1, 2,…

The pretty gold box houses a set of five masks with simple, easy to follow instructions in Korean and English. The labeled, two step packets are the perfect packaging for this mask as they are tightly sealed, minimizing any spillage while keeping the ingredients sanitary and fresh. The step 1 packet is a gold gel and the Step 2 packet is an active collagen powder. Mixing the two together is as easy as 1, 2…I find that this is where things get tricky with most modeling masks. The powders and water often don’t mix well making for an uneven clumpy mess that is a struggle to spread smoothly in the short window of time it takes before they start to dry. This product is different, it comes together easily, is smooth without clumping, and is relatively easy to spread. It’s not flawless, but it’s without frustration (why do these never look like the photo on the package?!) making this a stress free, minimal fuss pampering session.


Ready to slather my face in gold

As I mentioned, Cassy kindly sent a few other goodies that pair perfectly with these masking treatments, but I found they work better in a different order than suggested. Though I’ve tried and enjoyed the modeling mask treatment on it’s own, the Gold Premium Ampoule and S-Energy Hydro Cream are nourishing with brightening boosts that take this mask treatment to a next level spa quality facial while never leaving my home. Not only do these products feel, look and smell luxurious they perform as such.  On Shangpree’s website, they demonstrate steps to include these boosters into the modeling mask session. I have tried them a few different ways and feel like I got the best result when using the ampoule and cream after the modeling mask, rather than before. When I did use the ampoule and cream first, I noticed the mask congealed with clumps due to the wonderful oils included in these products. Instead, sealing off the mask treatment using the rich luxurious cream with a few drops of the ampoule as a sleep pack for my last step in my nighttime routine provided me with a nourished bright glow that lasted well into the week.

Glow maker

Don’t let that goopy mess fool you, this was a successful application! The beautiful gold iridescent goop has a wonderful texture that is near smooth, spreads easily, and feels amazing on the skin. As someone who experiences periodic redness, I absolutely love the cooling effect  of this mask and it makes for the best relaxation period. I suggest lying down while the mask sets to help limit some the the drips and allows the mask to set and do it’s magic. And magic it does upon removal of this rubbery substance, revealing happy, plump, bright skin. Each and every time I tried this mask, I was impressed and found something new to marvel over. As I mentioned, I tried using the ampoules and cream a few different ways and these items really took the results to next level of pampering and added that special something that you would expect from a luxury brand like Shangpree. The lasting result is what sets this modeling mask apart and makes it special. Cutting no corners, Shangpree provided only quality ingredients, a spa grade experience delivering glowing skin, like I just got a mini facial.

Final thoughts:

I really had fun testing these products and look forward to continuing the use of the remaining masks. The cream is such a luxurious nighttime treat as a sleep pack and I already love and use the headband and mirror, they fit perfectly into my other beauty collections. I look forward to discovering more from Shangpree and though they have an equally luxurious price tag, I don’t mind splurging or dropping hints to the hubby for special skin treats such as these

Such a sweet gift

**Disclosure **

This product was kindly provided to me by Shangpree in exchange for my review.

Places to buy Shangpree:

For my US followers: Peach & Lily (P&L) has a great selection of Shangpree, I’ve always been pleased with their service and have happily purchased from them several times. P&L offers several web sales throughout the year as well as ongoing peach points programs which stack points to earn a discounts off your future purchases. And of course their yearly sample sale!

Amazon carries a small selection, although you would be best off stacking points from P&L and getting stellar service with them.

Kmall24 seems to carry a few items, however I’m unable to recommend them as I am not familiar with their service.

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107 (One o Seven) Corflex Hydro Rich Cream

*Disclaimer this product was provided to me to by the brand without any demands or formal request for review.  I am sharing this review based on my findings and testing schedule outlined by me without influence from an outside source. A more detailed outline on my personal PR handlings and guidelines will be posted very soon. 


MYB (MindYourBeauty) is still very much “under construction”, so  please excuse my mess as I work through some of these growing pains and build pieces around your visit here. I am happy to answer any of your questions or comments and will do so as promptly as I’m able. I am so excited to share this review and brand with you, as it has created quite the “hype”  by fellow reviewers and skin care enthusiasts, but for good reason! Read on to hear my version of the story.

xoxo, Jan

Brand & Claims

107 One O Seven prides itself on natural ingredients derived from fermented vinegar and oriental herbs while promising the delivery of healthy, purified, and rejuvenated skin. I am always intrigued by a brand that blends ancient traditional ingredients with modern formulation. They have a great English page that is easy to navigate without any need for translation tools from what I experienced.


Note*I won’t be going through a detailed outline or explanation about the science and chemistry of ingredients in skincare and will have a post up of my review style outlining what you can expect from my blog going forward , very soon.

A list of the ingredients can be found here via (I don’t recommend using this site for anything outside of obtaining ingredient lists)  Cosdna. They appear to have been carefully entered by another blogger, just take note that the fermented vinegar is not indexed in Cosdna so click on the bottom box to organize the list and view it’s proper place in the formula. The star of this show (which seems to be showcased near the top of the formula), is a naturally derived fermented vinegar that has been studied and developed by a passionate pharmacist who took these rich amino acids found in fermented vinegar that are meant to aide in signs of aging and heal troubled skin. The brand story and history are a must read here  The foundation on which the brand was created is admirable and the lineup of the ingredients supporting this fermented goodness are just as impressive, and engage my internal nerd. One O Seven has carefully formulated this luxurious cream to encompass the aforementioned ingredients in a perfect balance of traditional herbs and scientifically studied ingredients all harmoniously housed in 50 mls of this glass like jar.


I love the simply stated elegance this packaging exudes, it sits beautifully perched atop my vanity. The product is sealed by a mirrored lid that adds a sleek look to the beautiful jar.  The final touches include the pretty blue text that wrap this product in simple elegance. I’m sure a spatula was included, but that seems to have been tossed among several others I stash.  But who cares, because I think they are now offering a mother of pearl one here  that suits this little bundle of luxury perfectly! I’ve been swooning over other items in the line and my inner fangirl may or may not be stalking One O Seven’s Instagram since Jen with Beautibi had introduced the brand not too long ago.


The way this mildly scented cream transforms on the skin is truly special and sets it aside from other moisturizers, wrapping my skin in a pillowy rich texture that melts onto the skin creating a nice hydrating watery layer that once absorbed leaves behind a truly magical feel to my skin that looks radiant and healthy. I tested this for well over a month before moving on to other testing, giving my skin ample time to get a feel for the product and gauge results. The crazy, unpredictable Colorado weather helped lay out plenty of skin challenges brought on by the dry air and rapidly changing temperatures.

Testing and Final Thoughts

After evaluating some first impressions and how well the cream was going to play with other products, getting this to fit into my routine was seamless. I suspected this might be too rich for my daytime routine, but it quickly became a welcome step in my day & night routines. During the day I used the cream as my last step before sunscreen and it provided me with enough balanced moisture throughout the day without feeling heavy nor any signs of pilling. I would like to note that face makeup is a rare occurrence for me and it usually comes in the form of  something light such as a Bb Cream or tinted moisturizer and concealer when needed. I wasn’t disappointed with this product’s ease of performance in layering with my makeup, skincare, and sunscreen in any combination in the environments aforementioned. That being said, I don’t think everyone, regardless of skin type, will enjoy the weight and finish, but I do think this has something to offer for most all skin types.

One of my favorite things about this cream is the finish and feel of my skin throughout the day. The watery layer I mentioned dries to a healthy, nourished, dewy satin finish, that I personally love. But,…I also know not everyone likes this finish, regardless of skin type. In my night routine this cream performs phenomenally well and probably works its best magic here. I feel like this provides me with enough nourishment while sealing & feeding my skin all the fermented vinegar goodness it has to offer. Once I had used the cream solidly, mostly twice per day for 6 weeks or so, I sadly put it aside for other testing. I honestly miss it. The luxurious texture was a pleasure to use and most importantly it left me with nourished skin that makes me less inclined to put on face makeup. Again, I feel like this has a lot to offer for all skin types, but performs optimally for dehydrated skin needing that nourishing layer and prevention of water loss throughout the day. This brand is luxurious with the luxury price tag to match. If you’re looking to add some luxury to your routine I think you will be able to find it here.

Where to buy

The CoreFlex Cream and other items from 107 One O Seven can be found via Beautibi here whom I have shopped with often, and is one of my favorite choices for beautifully curated Asian skincare items. The cream is available from her shop at $48 and though it’s sold out she carries the beautiful mother of pearl spatula set as well.

One O Seven’s USA website has an easily navigated site , but I’m not sure of their shipping policy or price.